The Sussex Sauce Company

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Our Story

At The Sussex Sauce Company, we love food - and we love putting things on our food to make it taste even better.

Our story begins when we started developing sauce recipes that were inspired by our beautiful surroundings in the Sussex Hills. Driven by a passion for real ingredients and bold flavours, everything we do is based on one simple premise - timeless, flavour-driven sauces with no sugar, sweeteners, honey, emulsifiers or artificial preservatives.

We believe that flavour doesn’t have to be muted in order to appeal to our audience. Ours are bold, clean, classic flavours with a modern attitude; this isn't about spice or heat on its own, it’s about making something delicious.

The Sussex Sauce Company has simplicity and honesty at its heart. We’re proud that our small-batch condiments are developed and made in the UK, and we’re passionate about what we do.

For example, instead of buying ‘red chilli mash’ in bulk plastic drums, we select individual cultivars such as Peruvian aji amarillo, Thai prik jinda or Chinese chaotian ‘facing heaven’ varietals.

We take these whole chillies and turn them into beautiful sauce - which means that we have sight of them all the way from whole peppers, to bottled sauces heading out the door to you. We control the flavour, heat and quality of our sauces in a way that industrially produced, large-batch sauces just can’t match.

You join us at the start of our journey; we very much hope that you will choose to be part of it, and that you will love our products as much as we do!