Our Team


Founder and CEO, Lawrence is passionate about food, business and entrepreneurship. Over the last few years, he has spent countless hours developing and honing recipes - testing them on everyone who walked through his door!

For Lawrence, The Sussex Sauce Company is an opportunity to combine everything that he loves, and to share something special with the world.


Peter is a highly experienced chartered accountant, and founder of his own accountancy business, Blue Penguin Ltd.

With extraordinary expertise in business accounting and a keen eye for detail, Peter is a steady hand on the tiller - managing everything from VAT to share issuance.

Our Partners

Chichester District Food Bank

We're a sauce company - we know that we can’t change the world on our own.

Nevertheless, we think it’s important to do what we can, (when we can) which is why we’re supporting the incredible work of food banks to help those in need. These organisations provide emergency supplies to a huge range of families and individuals; by supporting them in our small way, we hope to play a small part in this mission.

The Sussex Sauce Company is partnering with the Chichester District Food Bank, who will receive donations of our products through our Kickstarter, and in the future through a longer-term partnership. We've chosen a food bank in the Sussex area, simply because they are close by, so we can deliver our sauce to them at a low cost (Lawrence will be packing his car full of whatever is raised to deliver it personally).

If you’d like to get involved, there are food banks all around the country, we’d love it if you could reach out and support them, in whatever way you can.