The Sussex Sauce Company


Pepperdash is a Classic Pepper Sauce - our flagship product, which everyone will enjoy.

It’s made from just three, beautiful ingredients - chillies, sea salt, and aged apple cider vinegar - and we’ve scoured the world to ensure that they’re the very best. Our chillies are a unique, Peruvian variety called Aji Amarillo - fruity, fresh and not too hot. The salt is Maldon sea salt; unlike stronger mineral salts that are mined, this sea salt has a clean flavour, allowing the chillies to shine. Our vinegar is truly special - a stunning apple cider vinegar that’s so good, you could truly sip it neat!

Not too hot, this is a sauce to use on everything - from Sunday morning fried eggs, through to Friday night pizza...and anything in between! It adds a great dash of spice to a Bloody Mary, is super tasty on chips, and it’s absolutely amazing with cheese on toast!

Rich Pepper Sauce

A bit like ketchup…but without the tomatoes! We use a combination of single-species dried chillies, aged Thai nuoc cham, and wonderfully fresh ingredients (like green onions) to create a rich, thick sauce that you can dip or spread.

Much less spicy than Pepeprdash, this is an all-purpose sauce that will quickly earn its place in your cupboard as an every-day staple! This sauce is perfect with burgers (beef, lamb or veggie), and just as lovely alongside your morning fry-up. You’ll find your own favourite thing, but for us, the ultimate use of our Rich Pepper Sauce is with a (very big) plate of sweet potato fries and a lovely cool drink on a summer afternoon.

Ginger Cured Chillies

These are whole bird’s eye chillies from Africa, which we’ve cured in a unique umami-rich blend of ginger, garlic, fish sauce and spices. The result is a cracking kick, but not at the expense of those amazing, fresh flavours, which still come through.

Whilst our Classic Pepper Sauce is the ultimate in simplicity, our Ginger Cured Chillies are more complex, with finely balanced layers of flavour.

We think they are particularly good as a side with rich meats, cheeses or a creamy vegetarian risotto - but they’re also perfect for adding to recipes for extra flavour...we often put a spoonful into a chilli or stir-fry!